Using Firestore Functions in Appgyver

I’ve an use case where I need to add/remove single items from a array of objects, which is a field of my Firestore collection. I found out that there are 2 cloud functions to do this. Is there anyway these cloud functions like arrayunion() and arrayremove() can be used in Appgyver?

a) The firestore function itself needs to be coded and deployed outside of AppGyver (see this video for the description: Getting Started with Cloud Functions for Firebase using TypeScript - Firecasts - YouTube) .

b) But of course triggering these functions can be connected to your AppGyver app, for example by https request or changing a document. This depends on how you code your firestore function.

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Thanks. I understand the functions needs to be coded. My question was if the Appgyver http request can be used to invoke a function. You have answered my question.