Using Formula from Excel

I’m working to develop a simple app to help with Index score calculations in a hospital. I have a simple Excel sheet with my input fields and the calculation. Is there an easy way to translate this from excel using the formula tools?

There’s no direct Excel convertor available – such a tool would be quite complex, as not all the formulas are equivalent. It’d have to also take into account the different data structure that Excel data has, compared to Composer which works with JSON data. You can find the available formulas at, plus of course you can play around with the actual formula editor.

What’s the Excel formula like – I could see about manually transforming it to a Composer formula as an example for you?

Thanks! I’ll take a look at the Formulas page.

It’s a simple formula that you can see in my Gsheet below. You take two measurements of a baby’s head and the formula is: Unknown-3

Google sheet with formula setup:

So let’s say you have measurement A in page variable measA and B in measB. The formula for CVAI would be:

ABS(pageVars.measA - pageVars.measB) * 100 / MAX([pageVars.measA, pageVars.measB])

The only difference to Excel here is that the MAX function takes an array of numbers and returns the highest, instead of just accepting two parameters or a range like in Excel (arrays are essentially how Composer deals with range).

You can also test it by substituting numbers in the formula editor.

Not sure how you got 1.79 in your Google Sheet, as that cell’s value was not bound to any formula there – maybe it was an old result?

You can also wrap the whole function with ROUND to produce a nicer result; the second parameter is the precision:

ROUND(ABS(22.2 - 21.9) * 100 / MAX([22.2,21.9]), 2) results in 1.35.

Let me know if this works!