Using HTTP request flow func vs Appgyver REST API

Hi there,

I’m using a Firestore DB, where I will update user records. I only want to request changes to the input fields that have been changed. Looking at Appgyver Data Put logic, this doesn’t seem to work well? It looks like I have to use the HTTP function flow.

Very new to all of this - can I do something similar with Appgyver Data? Dynamically update specific keys/value fields depending on user update changes?

I prefer using HTTP Reqiest myself, but thats more because Im used to it and I can control exactly how the data is updated (POST, PUT or PATCH) and what individual fields are targeted, in addition to customizing my JSON request body. It can be a little extra work since it’s not “out of the box” simple but I prefer it’s flexibility.

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Thanks a lot, I feel similarly. Is the HTTP function safe to use, as I will be using this with 100s of restaurants. Can I assume little downtime and issues with this function?