Using images blobs with an appgyver deployed web app

Hello Community,
I’m getting around 20-25 images at a time. As I will manipulate these images in different widgets and in several pages I decided to convert each image into a blob. A blob is still a remote object being served by the appgyver deployed web-app. The pointer to each blob is saved in a global app variable - a list of objects. Then I use this list of object as a data source, the main idea being to call into the remote image store (a database) only when and if required. Still the fetching and converting images into blobs takes some perceptible time…and of course blobs are not stored in any offline storage on the device but are rather being served from the browser cache. I am still wondering whether this approach is a good one as anyways the images initially fetched would be cached by the browser itself. Any thoughts ? cheers; Piotr

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FYI: I ended up by removing the conversion of the fetched images into blobs. With decent internet wired or mobile connection the blobs strategy is not giving any performance improvement over the images being fetched directly from a remote database store and then served from the browser cache. However this approach may prove useful if the access to the database store is slower than the access to the blobs served from web app.