Using MongoDB for a MVP

To kick my project off, I would like to use MongoDB but I read a warning saying “not to use it in production”.
Q1: How serious a concern is this? i.e. if I use the MVP as a “Demonstration Version” to showcase my solution, would that be advisable or not?
Q2: Once my NoSQL schema is fully tested, how big a job is it to port it to the fully supported commercial license version database?
Thanks, Mark.

Q1. It’s more of our disclaimer that we do not guarantee uptime or anything else, so if you need a solution that can give guarantees, it’s not the right one. For most uses that are not enterprise, it’s perfect.
Q2. Not sure about this question - if you use a REST API, it’s not a lot of work to attach to Composer Pro. However if you would like a full integration by us, please contact

Let me know if you have any further questions or elaborations!

Hi Mevi, is the disclaimer about MongoDB “not to use it in production” still valid? I saw the published instruction guide posed to connect MongoDB with appGyver.

Hi! Yes, don’t use it in production. It’s good for a MVP but we have plans to make changes into the data we provide, so if you need a production database now, use something else.

Hi Mevi, Could you please help advise

  1. Whether your answer referred to the AppGyver DB, MongoDB-based database only or also MongoDB Atlas Realm REST API solution?
  2. What are the sustainable database options for production with Appgyver?
  3. What is the reason why MongoDB is not good for production given it also uses REST API connection like others?
    Many thanks, Linh
  1. Only our AppGyver DB
  2. Your own or a third party REST API, until we have an offering of production-compatible databases (planned for the future)
  3. Our AppGyver DB is not meant for production use, but I don’t see why your own Mongo DB would not work :slight_smile: