Using Network Status to set app variable

So I’ve been playing with AG for a little bit and getting my head around it all, basic transactional stuff nailed but I’m struggling to find the resources to help me out with formula and system variables.

That said, am I even on the right path?

Concept trying to do is, if networkstatus = ‘none’ set a app variable ‘deviceOnline’ to false. The idea here being to use the local storage if offline and REST API if online.

Using the powerup video, I’ve create a logic flow to 'Get local setting, and create it it doesn’t exist… But thats where my mind is going blank.

Attached my logic flow - Can’t figure out where to put the call to system variable

Any help appreciated.

Thanks to this post for pointing me in the right direction.

Didn’t appreciate the IF true/false was built into the utility, shows my Excel background…

Changed the flow to the following, the IF condition is: