Using REST API to connect to Xano DB


I am trying to set up the connection from my AppGyver app to a Xano backend. I have set it up with authentication. I have tested the API endpoints in Xano and they work.

How do I create my data resource for this? I haven’t been able to find a simple example for this.
I see I need to connect to the auth/login POST method first to get the authentication token. The endpoint does not have any parameters but the information below needs to be in the request body. How do I put this information into the request body?

“email”: “”,
“password”: “string”

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.

Regards, Martin.

Check this

Thanks Fred. To clarify - I know how to add a data resource. I have done it before.
I did the barcode scanner example before where you add only part of the URL and then add in some data yourself to pass the product through to the server in the request.

But I don’t know how to do that for a Xano endpoint where you have to pass through the email and password in the request body.

Has anybody successfully shown authentication with Xano?

Sorry not familiar enough with Xano.
Any particular reasons you use them?