Using Swiper js or Glider js or Flickity js

Hey hey,

I’m just curious could it be possible using any slider like Swiper js in my project? I asked that because my project just based on sliders and carousels.

I tried to create a scroll view horizontal and it’s working fine but there are not many options for that so if that possible to integrate any kind of js library that would be awesome. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and support.
Have a nice weekend :nerd_face:



We don’t currently have a horizontally swiping carousel, but we probably will at some point, other than that, this would become possible when we have the possibility to use custom plugins in our apps.

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If you feel like hacking around you can try to implement something like Pekka is describing here Adding a non-REST data resource. It could work but is not really recommended.

+1 for horizontal scroll. Carousels are a bit of a must have in apps these days :slight_smile:

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