Using the front-facing (selfie) camera

Is there any way to use the selfie camera? As far as I can see the camera app only uses the rear-facing (main) camera.

I’m trying to do facial recognition as an additional layer of verification on top of traditional login/password and obviously, I’ll need to use the front camera to get the selfie.

I saw another thread that suggested this was on the roadmap but I assume it hasn’t been released yet.

If it’s coming shortly I can wait but if it’s going to be months in the roadmap, I’m going to have to find another solution.



This is coming with the 2.x runtime upgrade, so no more than a few weeks now!


Awesome, thanks! I have a demo tomorrow morning and it’s good to know that I can plan on using appgyver to finish the build.


Hello @Harri_Sarsa, as I understand 2.x has been released, so is this capability available now? If so can you point me to documentation? If not any timing estimates? When I look at the node it doesnt give any new abilities in additional controls of the camera etc.

Hey @Joel_Maclean, the front facing camera is available - The option to change the camera direction is under the Optional inputs section. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh sorry I meant for record video, is this possible yet and if not is it in dev?

Hi, any updates when the front facing camera will be available for VIDEO recording?

Can you please respond. This is a must have functionality for my project. Is there a workaround you can recommend?