Using the GPS correctly


this is my logic (button press -> shows gps data in “Headline”):

As far as i understand the GPS modul outputs two objects- the GPS data and the error one.

After button pressing not the “allow access” appears but an half-transparent overlay with no content?!

Only after touching this the common dialogue appears:

Refusing access leads to “undefined,undefined” in the Headline:

Looks like i’m using the GPS module completly wrong?!

PS: APP-ID is 93478, tested on an Android mobile phone.

The current permissions handling is a bit buggy – the happy path works but otherwise there’s some errant behaviour. We’ve got a permissions handling upgrade lined up for quite some time now; after we finalize a current major runtime upgrade it’s one of the top items on the backlog.

That said, I’ll see if this could be improved/fixed even before that, thanks for the report!

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Hi Harri,
sounds great! :+1:
But my logic above is nevertheless wrong or? :rofl:

You need to use “Start Geolocalizacion poller” fisrt: