Value not "id", "fields" or "createdTime"

When I am using formula and putting the column from my database into the formula I always get Value … is not any of the following “id”, “fields” or “createdTime”.
When using SORT_BY_KEY or ORDER and trying to input the “key” I get this validation error I get.
The field or column reference is definite correct as it works when not in a formula.

Any suggestions to why this is the case.

Can you take a screenshot of your Data resource schema and the Formula?

Hi @Tomi_Laakso,

I have taken a picture of my formula og Schema

The parameters are set up to reference the Column in the database and the selected Group. All this works fine but not when adding the sort by function.

Hi, like the Formula editor warns you’re using Item_list property to sort the data, but it doesn’t exist. There is Item_list_name in your schema if you mean to use that. So changing the Formula to match the schema should work.

:+1: Thank you @Tomi_Laakso. That was it. Working now. :partying_face:

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