Very slow 30KB pics load - How to load images faster?

in my app I have several small illustrations in form of a png which are displayed on several different screens. Most of them have a size around 30 KB a few a size of around 200 KB. At the moment it takes around 10-20 seconds for the app to show one illustration. Is there a way to make the loading process faster or to maybe preload all the images as soon as the user is opening the app?

Thank you for your help!

You may have a very slow server. That’s one direction to consider for fixing the issue.

An additional direction may consist in using a image optimizer like

But if your server is really slow, optimization may not help much…

Is there an option to change the server or see on which server the app is?

You mean the photos load slowly while checking the AppGyver previewer?
If so and if the 30 KB photos load slowly, then contact the team directly for assistance.

Is there an option to load all the pictures in the background as soon as the user opens the app?

This is no best practice if you have a growing number of photos of all sizes because you force any user to consume data for many photos they may not need/never view.

You need to optimize.

But FYI anyway and if that helps, you can indeed preload them with a get record collection + its data variable flow function on app mounted (from the global canvas).
Since I’m no expert, I’m not sure if this is enough. So test it out.
If that is not enough, then load the pics on page mounted of each relevant pages and keep them hidden. Then all you’d need is to turn visibility to true when needed.

Do you know how to contact the support? I can’t find it on the website.

Maybe @Kirill_Leventcov can assist about the slow photo load…

You can file a support ticket here: