Video embeds in WebView play full screen on IOS

This has been mentioned here before but I have found no responses to this problem. apparently, this was fixed previously, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Regardless of the embed source, iOS plays videos in the native player at full screen instead of within the WebView. This is a huge problem as my app is very video heavy.

Appgyver may be the only platform without a video component, so the functionality of the WebView is paramount. It’s a huge user impedance and I can’t make heads or tails of it. Please let me know if there is a resolution to this as it works perfectly fine on android which was the primary development platform.


It truly sounds like a joke, a bad one: in 2022 something doesn’t have video component, and the plan B is handicapped.
This was sold to SAP, and now carries the name SAP, and it doesn’t have video options, in 2022.

Ok. So if I want to display a few seconds video in my app either as mp4 or gif, I have to (ab)use another component, WebView, that happens to have more issues than I can count, shall we try? here we go:
(1) WebView looks blank/like not working when loading
(2) There isn’t a way to tell the user: oh sorry we are busy loading
(3) WebView doesn’t scroll in Andriod, like web page that you can’t scroll, in 2022! are we in the 1980s with a malfunctioning software?
(4) WebView doesn’t work in the browser window on desktop
(5) No back navigation, it’s a one way ticket, you click you’re gone forever, there is no going back
(6) WebView jumps to fullscreen without permission when playing a video
(7) in dark mode, WebView blank lauch screen (the waiting room) remains blank, white, in dark mode

You call this an app builder? seriously!

It’s only after I’ve done some checking of the functionality that I reached the puzzling question: how the hell did they manage to sell this to SAP?

Perhaps a more constructive question: will they fix this mess?

  1. I resolve this by not showing the WebView at all until the date is loaded from the API.
  2. show this as your default, then hide it once the data is loaded while also unhiding the WebView.
  3. This may be a bug on your end. never had the issue. suggest reporting it.
  4. (Not a solution, but a clarification) the WebView does not jump to full screen. It’s an issue with how iOS interprets the WebView. it opens the iOS native player and treats the WebView player like a source embed instead of an embedded player. Appgyver needs to correct this!

The rest of the problems- it seems that Appgyver is focusing on their new runtime so that the community can build components, so yeah their counting on us to fix these issues for them it seems. when? who knows.