Video player trying plyr library

I created another video player that can pass the url to the video within the url params using the plyr library. It loads faster than the react player library and looks a little better, but it is shrinking all of the play button and icons. You all are welcome to fork it on GitHub or stackblitz and try to take it further. It may also be a solution to being able to monetize videos, as they have a very simple way to monetize. All you have to do is pass a publisher id in the url Params and whether to show an add and a few configurations and you can monetize videos. If there is some way we could inject settings into the WebView for native hardware acceleration and custom script for css it could work a lot better.

If you want to compare the react player with the react plyr library, the first link below is the one I made first, which simply has the app icon as the play button. The second is the plyr library.



On the plyr library, you can create a click event which makes the video go into Fullscreen mode automatically when user clicks the video. It is hard to get an autoplay feature in android chrome because they discourage it without user interaction, but I am working on one wrapped in Cordoba that might do the trick. Will keep you all updated.

Please do share updates as you go along. I’m looking forward to this project.

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