Video Streaming from Cloud Storage


I’m working on an application which relies heavily on cloud hosted resources accessed via the restful API integration.

I need to use something functionally similar to the restful API integration to stream videos hosted in the cloud for this application- local storage is not an option.

Are there are options to accomplish this without moving to a different platform or leveraging external tools? I’ve found stackoverflow posts addressing “streaming via restful API”, but I’m wondering if there is anything native to AppGyver’s no code platform which I can build a cloud-hosted webserver around.

Everything you asked are possible in appgyver (even though i havent made anything similar myself),
Its totally possible to connect with rest api, either with HTTP call function or with the rest api direct integration.
As for the video streaming, there is this component,

to play video on native video player.

Hi Dino! Thanks for you reply!

The piece I’m struggling to implement is streaming video from cloud based storage (e.g. Amazon S3).

As you can see, the open video player component refers to the local file system and/or an external URL.In order to successfully implement what I need to build, I think I need to stream via a REST API integration i.e. as described here (java - Streaming data with REST - Stack Overflow)

I’m not totally sure if this would work, or if there’s a better way to do this.

I guess this could work, with any video url, so if you are able to get a url for the video from S3, i suppose you will be able to steam that with the video component.

Thanks again - I haven’t actually every tried to stream something this maybe I have been asking the wrong questions. I’m going to try to build this and then re-open the thread if it’s still struggle.

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