View PDF modal issue

How can I customize the Preview PDF modal? I can’t exit it. Sometimes when I drag down it closes, but then pops back up a few seconds later. I’d like to add an exit icon to make that a lot simpler.


Let’s continue here (old discussion here also: Download a PDF (Parse JSON and Base64 decode) - #7 by Ryan_Nisbet)

Implementing a new exit icon isn’t possible at the moment, but the PDF Preview should have native buttons to close it. Customising the PDF Preview will likely require custom 3rd party plugins which we have planned to implement, though I cannot promise a timetable for that. But let’s focus now on the issue that you cannot close the Preview as native button should be available by default.

A native button to close would be perfect. Not sure why it’s not showing up.

Here is a video showing the issue:

Here is a screenshot of the logic

All users will use IOS and I am testing on IOS. I am not sure if it is root or modal. If the info above doesn’t reveal that let me know how to find it.

Thank you!

Hi, we’re unable to repro your issue. The native back button is visible no matter how we tried to configure the logic.

Do you have the newest AppGyver app from App Store? Can you tell me which version you’re using so I can test with that one? (You can find it in the AppGyver app home page by pressing your email address on top, it’s named “runtime version”)

If your AppGyver app was up-to-date or updating it didn’t solve your issue, could you tell me your app ID so I could take a look at the issue and test that specific case myself?

Hi Tomi,

Thank you for looking into this.

Runtime version: 1.9.22
App ID: 125481

@Tomi_Laakso is there any other information I can provide to help?

Hi, sorry for taking bit long to answer. I was able to repro your issue, but couldn’t figure out a way to fix it through app logic. Next we’ll try to find the issue under Composer hood (I made a report for this). A fix will likely mean that you’ll have a new update available for Write file or Preview PDF Flow function in Composer.

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Thank you! I’m looking forward to the update.

Hey, sorry again for the wait. I would assume the re-opening of the pdf modal stems from the delay loop you have going, so every time the delay is done, it opens a new pdf modal. What you could do, is to move the get record loop to somewhere else and write the file, and then save the written file’s path to a variable and use it. I hope this helps, please ask if you still have some questions. :slight_smile:

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The PDF can be viewed. But I could not find the file saved in IOS.

I used systemVars.fileSystem.directories.document+“filename.pdf”.

Anybody please help me

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Hi people,
I’m new to appGyver, and I confess I’m still confused.
Can you help me ?
I need to download a PDF from a URL, save it in my APP folder, so that it is available offline.
I’ve tried all the ways I found around here.
Can you show me the way?
thanks !!!