Viewport Dimensions Lost When Viewport Size Changes

I just set up some dynamic text size formulas on my web app to be based on viewport size, so that my buttons/etc wouldn’t overflow their containers when the browser window is resized or the page appears in an iframe. However, I’m noticing that text size does not change after initial load.

I opened the debugger, and it appears that while viewport size does appear accurately under System Variables --> Dimensions on initial load, as soon as I resize the browser window the entire Viewport variable disappears from Dimensions, leaving me with only Window and Screen. This is happening on both Firefox and Chrome.

Any thoughts on why this is occurring? I didn’t see it in the bug tracker, but I also haven’t so much as looked at system variables up to this point, much less messed with them, so I can’t imagine why it would be an issue specific to my setup.


Ah, that’s actually a bug. I made a bug report for this to our backlog.

In your case you’re in a hurry and don’t want to wait for this fix (I don’t know what the timetable for that is), you can use window dimensions even if those aren’t as optimal. If you want to be more specific with those, you can subtract the nav bar width from the window.width value through a Formula. You can add one IF to change the subtracted value based on nav bar being a hamburger menu or regular menu if that feels important.

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Hey @Tomi_Laakso ,

I assume this is not fixed yet?
Still have this issue in the browser…