Viewport Height SystemVar: Value not correct


it might be bug: In my application the Viewport Height shows not correct on iOS devices:

  • iPhone X shows 707px instead of 812px
  • iPhone SE shows 463px instead of 568px.
    Android Viewport Height is also not correct (Did not check the value)

I read the SystemVar Value after first page is mounted or later. The value is always not correct.

Is there a fix for this planned?

Thanks a lot!

In addition looks like on Android the Viewport Width is also incorrect.

On Xiami Redmi Note 9S, Appgyver gives me 392.727272… viewport-width instead of 360.

I use the Appgyver Preview App.

I din’t checked the exact values, but in my app when using viewport-height there was always a part of the screen not covered with what was inside the container.
I don’t know if i was doing something wrong or it’s a bug.
I resolved setting “Stretch to viewport height” and using window-height instead of viewport height.

Hey, the workaround of using window height worked for me, thank you!

Not sure why the viewport systemvar is smaller, maybe it is a feature and not a bug :man_shrugging:

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