[VOLLEY app] Increse point

Hello everybody.
I am trying to create an application that manages a volleyball league.

I’m doing analytics and trying to put together all the features I need.

The first is this: how can I make a counter that by pressing a button increases the score?
The second one is: how can I tell the counter that when you reach 25 points or a difference of two points over 25, you increase the number of sets in the game?

Thanks in advance.


Have you completed all of the tutorials? Your requirements seem fairly straight forward. Simply bind a variable to your display and use the on tap logic to increment it. The extra set is likewise a fairly simple IF function.

Forgive me Phil, but I redid everything and now it seems to work.
My doubt was about using a button and showing the data on another field.

Excuse me all.


Keep up with your progress. It is always good to see how users improve here. :smiley:

I will definitely do it :grinning:

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Thats fine, its hard to differentiate ´between people trying and struggling and those not reading anything to help themselves.

Add a few screenshots and its much easier for someone to point you in the right direction. Good luck.

Ok Phil, I will do it.

Reading the documentation is also faster than waiting for answers, but when you’ve followed it and haven’t had the behavior you expected, ask the question. :grinning: