Vote Hello I need help getting the output from another node

I receive output values ​​from another node, through an API, is there a way to change these separate values?

example: {“binancecoin”:{“brl”:1386.45}}

get only this value 1386.45

details, the method is http in logic
not creating a data api rest

recovering via http in logic

you can create an object with the same structure of the output or a variable with any value type, and use set page variable value using output from another node to get the information from the http request.

you can see in the next tutorial how to make this : at 59:07

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Thanks, the platform needs more people like you, for tutorials, I’m a beginner and thanks to your help and my efforts I’m getting it

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Exactly what I said (in your duplicate post), but instead of [" "] I would use the .

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yesterday I tended all day, and I couldn’t just now through this tutorial it worked, but thank you for your help too