Wake Lock needs caffiene?

I’m trying to keep the display on my tablet always awake, and I added the wake lock logic component to my global canvas, but it doesn’t seem to work. The tablet display eventually goes to sleep.

I’ve even put it into a repeat loop just to see if that helps and it does not. What am I missing? Thx!

Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate this – can you share the device and OS version you’re testing on, just to be sure?

Sure - I’m working on a Kindle Fire 7 (2017) tablet (with google play store and services installed). FireOS Using the appgyver runtime app from the google play store, and then launching my app from within that.

From my other posts, I want to use this older/low-end tablet as a display for the weather readings from my weather station - as such, I’d like the screen to stay on.


Right, could be FireOS has some peculiarities, we’ll investigate.

In the meantime, could you just disable screen lock/auto-sleep from the device settings, if it’s only for running this one app?

I installed a “keep screen on” app from the google play store, and that’s resolved the issue for now.

We checked and it seems like a FireOS-only issue; we’ll think on how we want to cover API issues with more esoteric Android variants and get back to this. Made an issue to follow: https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/some-flow-functions-like-wake-lock-dont-work-on-fireos

Ok - that’s fine. My setup is hack-ish in that google play store is side-loaded, which allowed me to put the appgyver runtime on Kindle OS. I’ve also downloaded Screen On separately to keep the screen active, and that is workig for now.


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