Want to create app using APIs

I hired a developer to create a web app, which we spent about $20k on, with little to no results and I am tapped for funds. I do have some programming knowledge, enough to be able to read code and logic, but I am new to appgyver and APIs. I have read various threads and watch a ton of videos, which none have really helped me thus far. I have a data provider that I get sports information from (scores, etc) . The API has a url that uses an API key and each source url has a different feedID. Below is an example of the feed url and and example of the data that should be fetched.


“id”: “654321”,
“gameUID”: “123456”,
“type”: “Scores”,
“api”: “Live Scores”,
“feedID”: 477,
“speed”: 1,
“sport”: “Football”,
“league”: “NCAA”,
“startDate”: “2021-11-26T20:30:00Z”,
“seasonType”: “Regular”,
“seasonYear”: “2021”,
“seasonWeek”: “Week 13”,
“awayTeamAbb”: “MIZ”,
“awayTeamCity”: “Missouri”,
“awayTeamName”: “Tigers”,
“awayTeam”: “Missouri”,
“homeTeamAbb”: “ARK”,
“homeTeamCity”: “Arkansas”,
“homeTeamName”: “Razorbacks”,
“homeTeam”: “Arkansas”,
“description”: “Missouri vs Arkansas”,
“venueName”: “Razorback Stadium”,
“venueLocation”: “Fayetteville, AR”,
“isLive”: true,
“status”: “Live”,
“period”: “3”,
“clock”: “11:13”,
“scoreAwayTotal”: 6,
“scoreHomeTotal”: 17,
“scoreAwayPeriod1”: 0,
“scoreAwayPeriod2”: 6,
“scoreAwayPeriod3”: 0,
“scoreHomePeriod1”: 3,
“scoreHomePeriod2”: 7,
“scoreHomePeriod3”: 7,
“lastPlay”: “(C. Little KICK)”,
“nextUpdate”: -12,
“checkedDate”: “2021-11-26T22:47:24Z”

Hi, check out this tutorial:

if you want some assistance with your project. Im looking to pad my cv and gain a good reference pm me some contact info. \USA

I did check out the tutorial, the problem is that the video you linked to does not indicate how to use an API that has a password required. It is just using a rest API address, and nothing more.

I can’t PM, and can’t really find a way to contact you.

@Robert_Langlois Hey, send me a private message and I am pretty sure we can figure something out! :slight_smile: Simply click on the icon with a plane and then on message. :slight_smile:

hello - there is a tutorial on YouTube which connects appgyver to airtable - api with key - have a look at AppGyver + AirTable: How To Build An App | AppGyver Tutorial for Beginners 2021 - YouTube

it could help.


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