WCAG Accessibility

Do the apps produced AppGyver meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)? If not, is WCAG on the product roadmap? I’ve been researching no- and low-code platforms, and it appears that only the major and expensive players (e.g., OutSystems) mention web accessibility standards. I will be deploying apps for the education sector, and they must meet–or come close to meeting–web accessibility guidelines.

Since I can download AppGyver code, I could modify the code. But it would be really great if accessibility were built-in. :slight_smile:


This is not on the immediate short term roadmap, but please make a feature request to https://tracker.appgyver.com and we’ll factor community interest for this feature in as we prioritize upcoming development efforts. Definitely a valid thing to ask for!

I’ll definitely put in a feature request. Thanks for your quick reply!