We need to be able to create a custom debug.xml screen and control the logic which happens when the app crashes in order for Appgyver to be a viable solution for publishing apps on app stores

While I understand the idea that we should make sure there are no errors in the code, there are many things which the developer in appgyver has no control over. One example is how appgyver will often take a very long time to perform a certain task, such as a load more button or even simple page navigation. This happens randomly with no way for the developer to know why. So when an end user thinks they may have not clicked something correctly or tried to do the same action again, often weird things will happen such as the same page opening two or three times over itself, or the data connector trying to make multiple repetitive queries, and the app will crash because users are not developers and try to use an app like they would any modern professional app. So in case the app does crash, it is very unprofessional and could reflect very poorly on an app publisher if they see a screen such as the one built in appgyver, where the user is shown the error code and a very scary generic message.

This should be utmost priority. We need to be able to create a custom debug.xml.

I have loads of dBase writes in my app to keep an eye on where users are up to. I also have a number of semi hidden diagnostic points like double tap on the title of a screen to display key variables.

I think there is also an event that triggers on exit / crash that perhaps can be used to create a debug file? @JOHN_WORSHAM mentioned it I think.

I will definitely look into that trigger. Thank you.

I think its the page unmount one.

doesn’t work. fires when page is mounted.