Web App build on custom Sub-domain


Is there any way I can deploy my app to say app.mydomain ??

Ideally I want to host my website using the same domain which leads to both wanting to use the root index.html

Alternately, mydomain/app would work for me too.

Cheers, Phil

I´m guessing this should be a feature request?

If you’re tech savvy enough, use Google Firebase Hosting.

I run BRADYcore.com (I need a UI update…) as one Project and app.BRADYcore.com as another Project, with app.BRADYcore.com simply hosting a deployed version of the AppGyver web build.


I had just assumed this wouldn´t work without some modifications, but it does.

I created a sub domain on my hosting, loaded it and it works.

Cheers, Phil

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