Web app - direct URL routing

Is it possible to open a Page of the Web App directly, without redirecting to initial page?

When I try to open:

AppGyver redirects me to:

Take a look at Google Firebase’s Dynamic Links: Firebase Dynamic Links  |  Firebase Documentation

I haven’t tried it with Appgyver yet, but it’s on my to-do list. One way to use Dynamic Links is as a URL-based entrypoint into specific places inside apps, through programmatic anchors. (Another way is as a URL shortener.)

Thanks for the suggestion, Kyle. But I am not building a mobile app and not using Firebase.

I’m doing a web app. My objective: send custom links to employees (one custom link to each employee) in order to them fill out a form, without need to authentication or downloading a mobile app.

I’ve found a workaround: create a new application only to employees filling out forms. The first page of the app can take page parameters.

Found the solution:

  • pass page parameters to initial page …/myapp/page.Page1?redirect=Page2&id=8NO6lp5xIo
  • in event On Page Mount, according to parameters, redirect to right page

What are you doing the redirect with? A page header? Or firebase hosting redirects I’m firebase.json? Just asking because I am trying to do the same thing for a web app hosted on firebase.