Web App host on Github - fail to load resources

Hi there

May I please ask how we should go about hosting on a GitHub page?
I unzipped the build and uploaded the files on my Github repo but I got a blank page.
And we I checked console log it had a lot of “Failed to load resource error”

Thank you!!


Did you follow this advice from our webapp distribution docs:

To host the app on your own server, simply point your default route to index.html, make sure the server is configured to serve all the other assets, and you’re good to go.

Does your webapp work fine in the AG cloud (hosted in your_app.appgyverapp.com or something similar) ? If it does, then I think Github resources would be a better help in pinpointing the issue, I don’t know enough about Github hosting to directly recognize this issue :confused:

I have a similar problem on a hosted server. The web app files work fine in the root directory but not in a subdirectory. In a subdirectory, the resources fail to load and the pages references are to the root. Is there a way to have a web app build work properly from a subdirectory?

It works if you upload to Git, and then deploy with Netlify.

On my side, only having a blank page at loading here : GitHub - ABBEN4/Promptly: Prompt builder tool and repository . I will look-up on github support but not working either on Netlify.