Web app hosting With redirect link?

Hi there, after looking into the documentation, about my web app hosting, i think that the best option is using appgyver hosting, (even though i havent found any limits, does this mean that appgyver hosting can host for free any page with any size of usage?)

But i was thinking of ways to use a different url,(i saw the option of cdn but i think i dont need its function, my app will only be used regionally)
So my idea was maybe using a 301 redirect link. Do you think this is a great option? Also do you have any knowledge on why this would be a good or a bad idea?
Lastly if you think ist a good idea, to you have any redirect service to propose?

Thank you in advance

Hey again, i think this is not a common question that everyone has knowledge, so if you know anything about it please help.

Hi @Mevi im sorry for the tag but do you happen to have any knowledge on the subject?

Hmm, not my area of expertise I’m afraid. I only know about the CloudFront solution, so I can’t really recommend anything else :confused:

Ohh thanks for your time then!! we can wait for someone with knowledge on the specific subject.


I´d like to host my web app on my own server, but would like to find a definitive list of the required configuration. Is this available anywhere?

“Additionally, you can download the web app build as a zip. To host the app on your own server, simply point your default route to index.html, make sure the server is configured to serve all the other assets, and you’re good to go.”

It works on my server, so I will close this, but the “configured to serve all other assets phrase ought to be expanded”. Its rather like saying “as long as you do it correctly it won´t be wrong” … instead of just defining what correct is.

well, what was the solution? what did you have to load on your server?

After looking some more in the initial question, i think a better way to ask, it is with an example, Is it possible to use a service like https://redirect.pizza, for connecting and redirecting to an other domain name, without involving hosting?

I think this one is for the appgyver Team to answer or anyone else who has already made it work

Sorry @Dimos_Vamvourellis , I was directing that to @Phil_Evans since he said he was able to setup hosting on his own server. I didn’t tag him correctly in my reply.

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Nothing - it just worked. The hosting provider is EUK Host. Its a fairly standard business build web server.