(Web App) Is it necessary to label every component?

As the title says, is it necessary to apply a unique component ‘display name’ to everything in a web app? I understand you would, obviously, need to for components which are controlled by event triggers and the like, but how about static background containers which don’t change at any point on a page? Also, how about duplicates? Let’s say, I have multiple static containers duplicated and stacked on top of each other. The same names (i.e. “Container 36”) carry over to duplicates. Is this a problem in the end?

Unique Display names are not needed for any of the components. Not even the components that have logic/triggered events in them need to have unique names.

Display names are there just to help you make the component tree easier to follow and understand where a particular component is. So you can name those for clarity if you like or you can leave the initial name for all, Composer will handle the situation in either case.

Just my $.02: I’ve found it really really helpful to get in the habit of setting custom names for my GET requests, especially in more complicated logic flows. When I don’t, I end up trying to set a variable from an output (or a formula with an output in it) and looking in dismay at a long list of indistinguishable options that all say something like ‘outputs[“Get record”].record’.

I also like custom naming my IF functions when they’re based on a formula.