Web Build - 'delivered' but cannot see changes

Hi There,
I have made some changes to my app, which I can see in the preview mode.
Then, I use the build service to build my web app. Status says: ‘delivered’ , but I cannot see the changes when I access via web url…

I have built multiple times now, using all the recent Client runtime versions (from 4.6.26 to 4.9.72).

I have tried to access my web url on different devices and browsers. I have tried clearing cache and cookies. Still no changes…

Does anyone know what the issue might be? or what am I doing wrong?

AppID = 422191

Thanks in advance,


We have deprecated deployments to appgyverapp.com:

You need to download the web build and put it on some hosting space of your own.

Ohhh that explains it. Thanks for sharing