Web build failed but Android and iOS builds are fine

Dear AppGyver-Team,

I tryed to build it with version 2.6.3 and 2.5.12 but I am getting always an error and the log file looks the same. At the end comes:

[ warn ] [workspace configure] You’re missing defaultTargets in your config /Users/administrator/app-builder/STAGING/dotappgyver/renative.json. Let’s add them!
│ [ success ] [build] Your build is located in platformBuilds/app_306976_web/.next .
│ [ success ] [export] Your export is located in ./platformBuilds/app_306976_web/output .
│ …

It seems that build was OK but somehow it can not recognise it. :thinking:
AppID is 204750.

There was the similar problem in Nov. 20 in this forum but maybe it is not yet fixed.


Hi, are you still experiencing this? Is everything looking right in the web build configurations? Is the build showing up in the url you chose?

Hi Mevi, the build is not showing up in the url - there is still one old version. I started the build process yesterday again and now, after 18 hours is still in status queued. Strange… there are only a few pages, not a big deal.
I know that web part is not so important to you but one friend of mine has no mobile phone (older lady) and would like to access the app over the web. :frowning:
Can you please take a look?

Hi! Sorry that I wasn’t able to get back to you – there were build service problems during that time unfortunately, which caused the great delays in builds :confused:

Hi Mevi. Yes, afterwards it worked and I have a Web Version now. The times were long but at the end successful. Kiitos! :pray:.