Web build not updating AppGyver Hosted Domain

I’ve done multiple web builds and the AppGyver Hosted Domain is not being updated with the latest version. Is there something specific that I need to do for this?

Found this issue that mentions this was fixed … https://tracker.appgyver.com/bug-reports/p/deploying-a-new-version-of-the-web-app-doesnt-invalidate-cache

I’m still experiencing this problem.


It takes much longer than the UI indicates for the build to appear (a problem we still need to fix), but it should be no longer than half an hour for sure. Did you still have this issue after half an hour or so?

Hi @Mevi … Yes, I’m still experiencing this problem. It seems to be taking over 24 hours for the web site to populate. My last build was yesterday at 2pm EST and it’s now 9am EST the next day and the web build has not refreshed the site.

I checked about an hour ago and it was still the old version. Just checked again (right around the 24 hour mark) and the new version is now available.

Shoot. Yep, that really should have been fixed already – I’ll ask @Sasu_Makinen to investigate this.

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Hmm can’t reproduce how this is happening. Need to dig deeper.

Hi @Sasu_Makinen … any update on this? I’m currently beta testing the app and the 24-hour delay is really slowing down the ability to roll out fixes.

Nothing yet I’m afraid. One person should be coming out of vacation next week who could probably help with this :cold_sweat:

@Sasu_Makinen Hi I think this is still an existing issue? It is certainly taking a good couple of hours.

It shouldn’t be… I’ll check this out tomorrow and get back to you.

I find that web deploys are much quicker now. Usually within 1 to 2 hours. I have noticed that if you do more than one build on the same day the second (or later) build takes 24 hours before it appears.

Ahhhh. Yeah, reproduced that now, we’ll get to fixing that next week hopefully. Thank you for letting us know!

@Mevi Hi, I have started a web build 5-6 hours ago and it seems to be still in queue? Is there some ongoing error?

@Mevi there seems to be so error with the build system - 16 hours later the build status is still queued…

Hi! Not sure what went wrong with your build, but I marked them as errored now. I queued another build, let’s see if this one goes through, but I’ll have someone have a look if it doesn’t.

The previous 2 have failed

I have started a new one.

Yep, I failed the previous two manually. We are investigating the issue, sorry for the trouble and that I can’t do anything further for you until we find out what’s going on :confused:

That is a bit of a snag indeed… I was very excited to test the new build. Anything I can fix or debug?

We’re continuing to look into this, there are some things we are testing as fixes and rolling out as soon as we can confirm they work. This isn’t a widespread problem, but there’s something specific about your app which is encountering a problem when it’s built – without knowing your app more, it’s hard to say what exactly it is :disappointed: Hopefully this’ll get sorted today, I’m sorry it’s such a hassle and you’re having to wait. You can continue working on your app using the Preview, if there’s still more you’d like to do.

@Mevi if this is something that I have broken inside the app it would be great to know what, so that I can fix it. It doesn’t make sense for me to be changing anything in the app now , if I don’t know if this is going to make problem worse.

Previously your build errors were having some log attached, I don’t see it anymore?