Web build not updating AppGyver Hosted Domain

Yep, that’s correct, but currently your errors are only me manually setting the status of the build to errored, as they don’t, in fact, fail, but instead get stuck.

Even if it is something inside the app that has broken the build, there shouldn’t be anything that an user of ours can do that would break building the app, so it’s definitely something we have to fix on our end.


Some progress: your build is not stale anymore, but it errors. We’re looking into this, but if you’d like to try and help, check any images you have in your app, one of their URLs may have problems (loading slowly or not at all).

OK. Previously when I had issue with builds throwing error - there was an issue with links to Instagram photos, but saved in …REST API schema…(where it shows preview of values…)

Yeah the build fails if it can’t download all the assets required :disappointed_relieved: Please check all the images in your app just in case, if there’s a problematic url somewhere still. Upload any static images in Composer.

So inside of my REST API there were some test images that I have picked up from Instagram (and a few of them I forgot to move to my own storage). I have cleaned up the data in my database (that is accessed via REST), I have rebuilt the schema so the old links do not show up in the schema as examples.

Still I think looking at the error log ( I think now you added again the log to the email? ) there is somewhere one link to old photo… This must be saved somewhere in schemas or in some meta data - as none of the images on my app is hard linked directly to any image …

I keep digging…


One of API connections had in schema example value of an URL link to image that was not loading:

I was not even using this part of API in the app - it was just sitting there as a sample value in schema… FYI

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BTW - It seems now that the Web app build is updating the Appgyver hosted app immediately.

No it does not, I think the first new build got immediatly replace, second one seems to be taking a couple of hours already…

Thanks for letting us know! I made a ticket about this to be fixed at some point, as having the build fail because of an example image url is harmful.

The web build cache fix is still under investigation due to other higher priority issues rising in the meantime…