Web build service failing with unknown error


I have just made some updates to my app on which I used web build previously (maybe 2-3 weeks ago). Now the build is failing.

I have downloaded the error log from the email and inside… there is really no indication of error… I can even see some of the links working . It looks like the whole process ends OK.

is there some error with the web builds at this stage?


I’ve been having a similar problem, initially assuming it was due to my own error. Not so sure anymore!

I just read another thread - it seems to be Appgyver builder issue… good to know I have been gradually dismantling my app and deleting pages to see if anything is causing the error…

@Harri_Sarsa is there any visibility when the web build becomes workable again?

Hi! Now it seems like some 2.4.17 web builds are coming through, so you could try again!

What is the situation with the 2.4.17?

It is not really clear what is the status of your beta unless someone was following it very close.

Is there any summary post about that?

Is version 2 a stable one already? Do I have to switch over my app? Will it affect current logic? I saw some post that it breaks some things.

How do I switch to version 2?

We are currently stabilizing our 2.X runtime. New versions are coming out pretty much daily as we tackle the last bugs we and/or our users have found.

Our changelog has the major changes between 2.X and 1.9.22 runtimes. The 2.X runtime is currently available via open beta, details explained here.

When you update your flow functions in the app, your app becomes compatible with 2.X. If there are any issues, please report them so we can fix them ASAP. If you don’t want to move to the new runtime yet, it’s possible to remain in the old one for a while still (especially if you’re just about to release your app, it may be simpler to stick with 1.9.22), but if you do move to the new runtime and report any issues to us, you’ll be helping us stabilize the 2.X runtime which includes major improvements to performance etc, as listed in the changelog.

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