Web dashboard template

I’m starting studies in appgyver.
I read that you can create web systems with it.
Is there already a template like adminlte.io dashboard to help with web development?

no unfortunately there is not
what feature would you need from it?

various things such as registrations with well-designed fields,
graphs and tables, as well as login
in the area of design I’m not good.

well, from what i understand, you need that to be a part of your app (and not like an admin panel for you), and even though there is not a ready made template for this, all these features are possible to get done with appgyver.

thanks for answering.

I’m freelancer now.
I develop web with GO and mysql normally. And react or bootstrap as front end.

So I read that the appgyver that was bought by SAP and I got interested in developing web and app with it.

I was going to try to develop a simple web sales system, but with everything that normally needs such a system.
That’s why I asked about the template. To help on the front end.

I used to be a SAP consultant. And now I dedicate myself to home office to develop systems.


hmm i see, you can definitely, make things like sales system and more, the thing is that there are not ready to use templates as of right now, so you will need to start from scratch.