Web deployments deprecation – March 31st

Dear community,

For a long time, we have been offering a free hosting solution in a form of deploying your web builds to appgyverapp.com. While we have always strived to consistently provide all functionality to our users, with the growing number of deployed applications, it becomes difficult for us to maintain this for free. Thus, we will be deprecating the web deployments on March 31st.

All existing deployments will be available up until the final date. We will soon disable making first-time deployments of new applications. As for existing ones, you will be able to make deployments towards the deprecation date, but we highly advise you to move to another solution.

As an alternative to the deprecated functionality, we have compiled two FREE alternative ways to deploy your web applications in a detailed guide:

@Kirill_Leventcov Just to be 100% sure we’re all on the same page here, support for building web apps, the web preview portal, and building web apps intended for display in a browser on a desktop computer or mobile device is ending come March 31? No more desktop support at all (beyond the Composer editor, of course) come that point?

No more desktop support at all

No, we are only shutting down web deployments. Web development, preview and building will still be available with no restrictions. So you can build a web application and deploy it elsewhere, for instance using one of the methods linked above.


Ah, I interpreted deployments as meaning any support for true web apps vs native. I also forgot the Preview Portal URLs wasn’t related to the “appgyverapp.com” link, which I figured no more desktop preview. My mistake. Tbf, I don’t think we use this deployment function as we host on Backendless, so I reckon not a problem here.

Hope it isn’t for anyone else either too bad. :confused:


Hello @Kirill_Leventcov,
With this announcement, I understood that Appgyver would obviously no longer be providing web app build hosting for free. However, I assumed that this feature would remain available in the SAP Appgyver/Build Apps (paid) plans available through SAP, as there was no clear indication in the announcement suggesting otherwise.

I registered for a free Build Apps account with this in mind, but found that the hosted web deployment options did not appear to be present. The build service in the Build Apps application did not seem to reflect that the old appgyverapp.com deployments are still available. Additionally, the release management feature, which has been listed as an enterprise feature for SAP Appgyver/Build Apps for a while now and is still shown in screenshots on SAP.com, does not appear to be shown in the Launch tab.

I am writing to ask/clarify whether these features will be available going forward in the SAP Build Apps offerings, or if I may have made a mistake during the setup of the SAP Build App service.

Thank you,

Hi @awesomeosep,

Deployments to appgyverapp.com were an exclusive feature of community edition that is not available in SAP Build Apps. The main reason for that is because we made it possible to integrate SAP Build Apps applications with SAP systems and enabled deployments in SAP’s native Launchpad service.

As regards to release management, this feature will be released soon.


How can we request deletion of those websites so we can fix our seo? I even tried deploying a blank web app over it and it did not work.

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All deployments will be shutdown on the 31st of March. If you have an urgent case, please open a bug report to Bug Reports | AppGyver Community Edition with your app ID, so we can remove your deployment.