Web distribution with cloudflare

This goes to the team,
Im trying to use the Hostinger intergraded cloudflare, to distribute my app under my own domain
and this is my communication with their support.
Could you confirm if thats what should be done to it?
Thank you in advance

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Maybe @Mari or @Mevi can help

Any help would really be appreciated

Any ?

Doesn’t hostinger provide hosting for You? Or you only have the domain there?

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Yeah, it does, but i thought that it would be much easier to host in appgyver and just change the domain, that way i can just build any new version and i dont have to do anything else
(also i tried uploading the zip file in hostinger but never worked)

What do you use?

You have to unzip and upload the files and folders from the unzipped folder to get it working.

I use Google Cloud hosting with cloud flare as ssl redirect. So I basically have the hosting for monthly 0.1 USD. With free SSL.

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ok let me try that

That sounds interesting, and what about the domain?

In my case, i have multiple sites there, so its “free”

To tell you the truth, i had a long time to publish something and now i realize that there is a huge issue in appgyver in this part, because

  1. there is the bug with the favicon
  2. the site name is not interchangeable

And i know that there are solutions but nothing strait forward.

I think, it would be beneficiary to everyone to give any ways we know for deploying and hosting web apps, i think this info is not so well documented

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Totally agree. I am also in the process of building my YouTube channel. So I will cover this hopefully soon.

Btw the easiest workaround is to get a boilerplate index.html file. Add your own favicon and title and other meta tags. And in the body just add one simple iframe. That iframe could have the myapp.aopgyverapp.com domain so you don’t need to redeploy each time you make a change.

However I only suggest using the appgyverapp.com for development processes.

Thats so cool, i will wait for that !

im not 100% sure about that but i will take a look into it and let you know, (be sure to include these info in the video😉)

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