Web Preview Debugger Infinite Loop

So my app runs fine on my iPhone when using the AppGyver preview app, but running a preview on Web does not work and crashes the web page. I believe this is due to an infinite loop and I’ve attached a screenshot of what I could gather from the debugger. I noticed something about a new update not supporting nested repeat objects could that be the issue? This is a key component of my application, so is there a workaround for these nested repeats?

Also, when I open the preview on web, my link is …/My_App//
with that double slash, I think in the past it was /My_App/page.page1 or something

Hi! I’m not seeing this issue in new apps or any of my old apps, so it’s something specific to the app logic that you’re doing – perhaps data logic, or some other logic that you have that is looping and giving out errors?

As for the nested repeats – if you do repeat something in a nested way, please rename both repeats as something else than current, or you will have a bad time.

I figured it out, my default page open was set to null, something must have happened when I disabled the navigation bars. Weird that it still worked on iOS during this issue.

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