Web View Plays Immediately

I need to display either an image or video depending on what is
in each record in the database. I am using a Web View component
to display both images and videos from a URL in the db record. The
problem I have is that the video plays as soon as the page loads. I
may have two images to display and then a video on the page. I don’t
want the video to play until the user scrolls down to it. Is there a
way to prevent the video from playing when page loads or just a better
way to handle the whole situation?

Hi take a look here, i think there was no solution but maybe you can get more ideas

I ended up using a HTML video tag in the HTML content section of the Web View component to keep the video from playing when the page loaded. The iframe coding solution played the video as soon as the page loaded not matter what I tried. Hopefully, that helps someone.