[WebApp] Passing master page context using page parameters

Hello Community. Just wondering if there is some other more elegant/secure way of passing context information from a master page to a detail page than using parameters ?
What bothers me that the parameters being passed are visible and can be read in plain sight. Is there a way to obfuscate or even hide the detail page URL so it does not reveal the parameters values ? kind regards; Piotr

I don’t think this platform provides any access to library like crypto-js. You can use AppVars instead of PageParams or use a simple way to obfuscate your strings.

Add JS box into your function flows and do something like this.

return { result: btoa(inputs.input1) };

On the receiving page just decode from base64 back to plain text

For example on input1 = “Hello”; You get result=“SGVsbG8=”; Its not secure of course. For better security use AppVars to share information between pages.

Thanks @T_G , indeed the application variables seem to be the safest way of passing context from a master page to a detail page…just it is not dynamic anymore as AppVars are global variables;