WebApp Previewer does not show data from API

Hi, the data from API tied to various text fields do not show in the WebApp Viewer. They appear in the Preview App on iOS. Is there a problem with the WebApp Previewer? Would you be fixing this? Also, would the data not show in a published website?

have you configure the web app too in the data connector or the ios or android only?

maybe thats why

Hi Dimos,

Thank you for pointing this out. I did not set up the Web App Data. I cannot find any documentation on this. Can you please let me know what I need to put into the WebApp ID and API Key so I need help to locate this information.

However, I am able to read data from the Rest API to log in. But other data from the Rest API do not show on another page when I queried it. So the error should not be in the data connector set up.

Do you know where else the problem could lie?



ohh, wait, because i might, didnt understood right, the api that you’re talking about is from firebase or its just an api that you connect in the rest api connector?
can you share some photos?

It is just a REST API connector I defined. It worked on one page but failed on another page in the Web Previewer. In the iOS Previewer, it worked and data was fetched. So, I believe something is wrong with the Web Previewer.