WebView and the back button

Hi there, I am making a WebView app and each time I hit the menu back button to go back in browsing history, the app exits/quits. I have been trying out various JS code snippets to at least disable the button (not ideal solution) but nothing works. Either the JS is incorrect or I do not wire the JS correctly. How can I go around it? Thanks, Sebastian.

Which button, from the browser or from a button you’ve built within the webapp?
If it’s a button you’ve built, you’ll navigate back to the first page that lives up in your page stack.
To have a page stack to come back to, you need to use the open page function, instead of the replace page when you navigate throughout your app.
Open page keeps the previous page in the page stack whereas replace page does not.

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Nope, the hardware, always-there back button by Android.

Is it the time to switch to Flutter and abandon appgyver?

Already took this decision, after i finish my current project, but the switch is not for FF, rather for Noodl, the only other tool with similar visual nodes.