Webview does not work on webapp

I want to use the webview component to show a website in my app. In my app it works great, but in the webapp there is nothing shown. the place where it should be, is blank.

And i have an other question. How can i change the settings of the webview component that it automatically changes to the right size? If i e.g. set an video in it, there is a big white place down of it.

i used an video of your vimeo channel to show you. It is bind in as an iframe.
I know that the height of the Webview is set to 300 and that is too much for this phone. But maybe not for bigger ones. So it would be great if it would automatically set the height to the right height.

Use the formula function and search for “height”. This will give you the screen height of the device.

i have changed the height and also the width of the webview component to systemVars.dimensions.screen.height; systemVars.dimensions.screenwidth; systemVars.dimensions.viewport.height; systemVars.dimensions.viewport.width
Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-10_185359_platform.appgyver.com
but nothing was shown

I will need a screenshot of what you’'ve done to properly understand.

Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-10_185359_platform.appgyver.com Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-10_185541_platform.appgyver.com Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-10_185557_platform.appgyver.com

This is usually a padding & dimensions problem; have you checked those settings? I usually use a value of 0 for all padding.

i also used 0 in this case. These are my options:

Opera Momentaufnahme_2020-07-10_190208_platform.appgyver.com

Hi! Sorry for noticing this thread so late :pensive: Unfortunately WebView works only in mobile, not web, which is why it wouldn’t show up.

I know now, but thanks anyway for the answer.

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