WebView / HTMLRender does not render anything


I am new to AppGyver. but pretty exited about it. We are evaluating solution to build our own web app (mostly to stream some video and manage some visitors interaction).

We need to be able to display iFrame with external content (video stream, chats, tracker…). I just try to add some basic iFrame in a test app… which totally failed.
then I also tried to gibe the WebView some URL… without any success.

Could some one help me to show some web content using AppGyver ?

Thanks in advance.
Have a great day!

Try putting the iFrame code in the Html Content property not the URL property

Hi John!

Thanks for you reply. I did not changed much the behaviour.

  • iFrame for video works (custom streams or YouTube)
  • Tracker code does not.

I try to run the app on my phone (Appgyver Preview) or as Web App in the browser. Unfortunately, the Tracker code can not be found in the built web app. So I am a bit confused…

Any hint ?

Thanks in advance!