WebView in Web Aplication?

Hi AppGyver team,

I used a WebView component from the marketplace that loads a URL and Java Scripts on mobile devices (which is currently version 1.0.4), is there a way to use this WebView in the web application too?

when I run the application inside the web browsers I only get a tiny red dot inside the WebView frame, but when I run it on mobile, it loads the url and shows the content.


Currently no way to run a Webview inside a Web Browser.

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As ironic as that sounds :smiley:

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The original thinking from Appgyver was that it seemed redundant to do that since the web browser is a web view itself, but I could see some uses for displaying other web sites inside a browser window.


Thanks for the reply John,
Yes we found few different key use cases for it, and wondering if the existing web view component can be modified or should a new component be developed from scratch