WebView not working correctly when rendering HTML / JS - working correctly via URL -

Dear AG,

I’m think I have found a bug trying to get WebView to work correctly:

The idea was to use VideoJS to display a playlist of videos.

This is working well when displaying the code through a hosted URL:

However when placing the same code in the HTML content form the playlist function does not work - i.e. the playlist doesn’t function .

See code here

I have tried a different method without videojs and just the stadard html5 video tag - using a javascript listener to trigger an event once the video is finished to change the source - however the behaviour is the same - works well when hosted elsewhere and displayed in the webview via URL but when compiled in the via HTML content box the playlist fails!

Which leads me to the conclusion that the WebView isn’t rendering Javascript correctly.

Please assist me with getting this to work - as for now it appears to be the only viable solution to making video playlists client side.

Merry Christmas!


Hi! I’m sorry for the belated answer, but I’m not sure how to help you, unfortunately :disappointed: If you have a clear knowledge on how to reproduce this, you could post on our bug tracker with the information on what should work but doesn’t, and we’ll look into it.

However, I guess that the ability to do what you want will only happen once third party plugins are supported, since it might be that the WebView just can’t do what you want :confused: