Webview Wordpress

Good day. I am using Wordpress and Elementor to show certain items within an App. On the preview App, certain elements are not visible on the Web Preview even on an phone.

For one, the backgrounds behind all buttons are not showing up. The color overlays do appear, but the background images themselves do not show up. Also in the headers where We use text and an image as a BG, the image does not appear. Certain button functions within the Elementor Wordpress do not appear as well.

Is this an error only with Android Webview or is this common among all platforms? Is this a javascript error? Is there something I can redesign in Elementor to bypass this issue OTHER than deleting the images?

Please advise.

(sample site would be http://www.newgracehw.org/app) This should only work on a phone.


I use Elementor almost exclusively for building client websites. Awesome builder!

In a recent app I built with Composer Pro, I too used the WebView component for certain content. On a test app, I tried using http://www.newgracehw.org/app as the URL for WebView, and I used the debugger to connect directly to my device (with the AppGyver Preview app), but the page comes up blank. If I use any other URL, the WebView shows the site or page content perfectly. Is this the correct URL for testing?

Can you provide screenshots of the errors you are seeing, and also what it should look like?


It seems the error was related to mixed content with the SSL sheet. The SSL sheet was redirecting to a secure link but all the images were not https:// I had to regenerate all the links and now all the links are now working. If you could test out the link using this https://newgracehw.org/app , this would be great.

I think it was all related to the SSL certificate.

Yes, now I am able to see your intended content in WebView! :slight_smile: