Weird bug causing inputs to disappear on android build

Has anyone experienced primitive inputs randomly disappearing on android builds? They are there in the preview and there in the web version after build. But on android, the inputs are gone. What could be causing this? I am using 3.15 and it has been fine up until today, and I have not changed anything on those inputs.

Look, this is a screenshot of the preview app. You see the field for the title and the field for the content of a post. Then at the bottom when you scroll down there is a field for the link. Then, in the build version (last two screenshots) the field for the content and the field for the link are completely gone. Nobody is allowed to write anything. What the heck could be causing this? What build version is stable?

FYI, I also tried to build it with 4.1.6 runtime and it did the same thing. Also, 4.1.6 caused the apk to more than double in size. I think that must be some bug as well.

Did you try 3.3.5?

I haven´t experienced this issue.

No because I have been using this version and it has been fine for weeks. Now I cannot get it to show any inputs but the one on top. I even switched the type of inputs from primitive to the kind with the label, and I still cannot get any of them to show and I have built the app 8 times now. That all show on web. They all show in the preview. But when built, only the one on top shows. I have changed everything about them I could possibly think of and still cannot get the input feilds to get built into the native android build.

The apk size is because we changed the build type to APK, it will not be the same as the store build size of your app.

But the input fields disappearing sounds really odd – did you make a tracker ticket about this already?