Weird or misunderstood by me behaviour

I have a ADD, MODIFY and DELETE ALL flows. The add adds 27 records, as it should, one for each member. The modify works exactly as should. I count in both cases the number of adds or updates.

The delete, works, deletes all 27 but it seems to do more of something? I get 327 for the delete count.

Hi! I can’t tell what’s going wrong, but check the set page variable deleted formula again in case there’s something odd, if the right amount is deleted but the alerted number is wrong :thinking:

nope, delete=0, deleted=deleted+1 only after a delete…

I put in a check to see the value of the record to delete before the delete. It did not change every time through the “loop”. So I added a delay of 100ms and the number of records deleted count then showed as 137 instead of 327. So it is a timing thing I think with either Delete or Get or Set App var. But I guess I do not understand how to set the flow so that A->B B does not start until A is completely finished. Without being able to do that, the code is at the mercy of a person’s WIFI signal. With a 1000ms delay I get 79 records deleted. So I guess the solution is NO DELAY and ignore the count or count them differently and let the “loop” loop aimlessly a random number of times each time it is run.

If condition… IS_EMPTY(LOOKUP(PICK_ITEM(data.AppUsageInfo,0),“id”))

:thinking: alright, I’ll try to reproduce this issue somehow so we could see if we couldn’t get this fix. Meanwhile if you are fine with using delays that’s the best way to go, unless you can alter the logic so it is not dependent on the true completion time of the delete.