Weird stuff has been happening since "new" version

  1. Select 2 nodes of 20 and copied with COMMAND-C. Message says 2 nodes copied. Tried to paste into another page with COMMAND-V and all 20 nodes get pasted. Even copying 1 item, same…

  2. I programmed my rows to look like: every second row dark grey

    And it looks like the above using:

Yet when I do a build via IOS apple store I get this on the app: all rows dark grey

  1. And there a couple of other things that not act differently. Eg.
    The following code used to work:

    But I had to change it to the following to work:

  2. And there are a few more weird things like the above going on…


Hi Geno,

  1. Which browser are you experiencing this issue in? At least using Chrome I haven’t come across anything like this. :thinking:

  2. Is this still happening? How do you define the row colors?